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    since 1993


We specialise in modern, innovative household cleaning equipment, which is superior
in quality and provides solutions to everyday household cleaning challenges.
Our products are available to both consumer and trade retailers.

Featured Products

HomeValet® Waxed floor duster

  • Wax impregnated head
  • Cotton fibres
  • UK Allergy Approved
  • Wide head gathers more dust, pet hairs
  • Removes dust from the house

HomeValet® Flexible Radiator Brush

  • Cleans between radiator vents
  • Great also for cleaning under appliances sides of cabinets universal use
  • Flexible
  • Long Reach 80cm
  • Removes the hidden dust

HomeValet® Ozzy Feather Duster

  • Ostrich feathers are the only feather that does not generate a static charge
  • Incredibly soft ostrich feather made from high Quality feathers
  • Suitable to use on all surfaces
  • Removable head – can be used as a hand held duster
  • Extends reach to 2.2 metres

Checkout some of our best-selling products.

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    3.5m Window Cleaner Replacement Pad (twin pack) £9.95
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    Flexi Floor Duster Replacement Head Use Wet or Dry £8.95
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    HomeValet Waxed Floor Duster Replacement Cloth Mop Head £7.95
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    HomeValet Super Sized Ostrich Feather Duster with Extension Pole £19.95
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    HomeValet 100% Natural Rubber Hand Brush with squeegee great for pet hair removal and more £5.95
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    HomeValet® 100% Natural Rubber Broom with Squeegee £9.95